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01. Flood Runner 4 - 134846
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03. The Fancy Pants ... - 53405
04. Flood Runner 3 A... - 30057
05. The Flood Runner... - 18496
06. Run Ninja Run - 18035
07. Speed Runner - 15091
08. Nightmare Runner - 13610
09. The Gauntlet - 13039
10. Checkpoint - 9791
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Speed RunnerNightmare Runner
Cave RunDino Panic
Run Ninja RunCheckpoint
Flood Runner Games
Flood Runner 4 Flood Runner 4
Unlock upgrades and abilities as you gain experience running as far as you can each time. There are dozens of ingame achievements ...
Flood Runner 3 Armageddon Flood Runner 3 Armageddon
Escape the flood once again as you control the super stick runner.
The Flood Runner 2 The Flood Runner 2
Run for your life from the wave that is out to drown you. Collect multipliers, fly, glide, surf the waters and do everything you c...
Speed Runner Speed Runner
Speed Runner : Defuse all the deadly bombs in order to save the world. Like the name of the game hints, your main aim during the g...
Nightmare Runner Nightmare Runner
Nightmare Runner : Run as fast as you can but also use your shooting skills to blast away the veil monsters. The game features som...
Cave Run Cave Run
Cave Run : Play the game in single player or in double player mode. Escape the tremor and the ongoing destruction while running ou...
Dino Panic Dino Panic
Dino Panic : It may take you some time to master this game but do not give up. Play as Barog the caveman who must escape the sharp...
Run Ninja Run Run Ninja Run
Run Ninja Run : You have somehow managed to escape from the ninja who had you hostage. Be very fast and jump over all the gaps and...
Checkpoint Checkpoint
Checkpoint : Get over all the obstacles and get to the checkpoint. You will have to skillfully run, duck, wall climb and find your...
Hurry Up Bob! 2 Hurry Up Bob! 2
Hurry Up Bob! 2 : The acid is rising up rapidly and you must escape the acid. Run and jump from platform to platform while making ...
Cuboy Hotpants Cuboy Hotpants
Cuboy Hotpants : The fiery volcano will burn you to nothingness and hence you can only survive by running for your life. Jumping s...
The Gauntlet The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet : Control the featured stick man while you run and jump during the game play. Overcoming all the encountered obstacle...
Sprinter Sprinter
Sprinter : You exactly know what a sprinter does. Run and jump. Well, even you will be doing the same because this time you are a ...
Ninja Run Ninja Run
Ninja Run : Take down the enemies with your shuriken and jump the gaps. This action packed ninja running game is adventure game wh...
Running Ink Running Ink
Running Ink : Avoid all the obstacles and reserve the ink while you try to run as fast as possible to reach the finish point. This...
Line Runner 2 Line Runner 2
Line Runner 2 : The runner will run on the line that you draw. Draw fast and perfectly to make the runner collect all the power up...

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